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Leadville, Colorado - A “No Limits” City at 10,152 feet Above Sea Level!

... Back to rags... (Loss of The Tabor Fortune  -  con’t)

Whatever the reason, for the remaining 36 years of her life, Baby Doe Tabor held steadfast to the belief that some day, if she could just find an investor with enough faith in her and the Matchless Mine, it could produce again.


As a staunch Catholic, she believed she owed repentance for things she had done earlier, and refusing “handouts”, began wrapping her feet and legs in gunnysacks held on over her worn boots with twine.  She wore a long black shoelace knotted intermittently to form beads and holding a large plain wooden cross, and was seen calling on old friends and possible investors in Denver hoping to raise enough capital to repurchase the Matchless, or at least get it back in operation again.


Although she was able to obtain some financial help from former friends and investors, ultimately the best she was ever able to accomplish was getting permission from the owner of the mine to move in to the old supply shack next to the shaft house.  It was in that small shack, after 35 years of virtual isolation, in March of 1935 she finally died of a heart attack.

Her frozen body was found by neighbor Sue Bonney who had noticed no smoke coming out of her chimney for at least a week.  It immediately became headline news in newspapers coast to coast... one of the nation’s most intriguing legacies had finally passed away in the frozen mountains of Leadville.


But her amazing story will be told for decades to come...

The supply shack her frozen body was found in, (along with the gallows and shaft house) are presently accessible during the summer for tours which also tell the entire story of the Tabors... the greatest of all the “Silver Kings.”

One of the last known photos of
Baby Doe Tabor

Taken in Denver in 1935

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